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1:42 PM
My psyche tend to ooze
With positive and negative juice
Controlling my thoughts
And freaking emotions.
My brain becomes my enemy
It twisted my thinking
And sense of reality.
It brought me surreal experiences
That is odd
My mind did whispered to my senses
“Be sensitive to all that surround.”
Everytime i close my eyes
I see things and circumstances
It is hard to explain
When and where it will happened.
I was amazed
By the turn of events
That some of what i’ve foreseen
Have had come into being.
I could clearly hear
A lot of conversations
Just like eavesdropping
To a group in the lines of communication.
Here and now
I have learned to appreciate
The beauty of life
And the mystery itself.
I may have a deranged brain
Yet i am thankful for what i’ve gained
My life did have a deeper meaning
I would never trade it for material things.

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