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4:32 PM
I always believe that everything happens for a reason
God is never unfair and I also thank Him for the difficult situations
Some may mock me due to their ignorance
Not knowing that they were acting more deranged than me in most instances.
I am trying to live a meaningful life
With the help of the people who did understand my fight
I may belong to the minority of the population
Yet i am still thankful that i am not alone.
Before you stigmatize 
The battle that i am into 
You may not survive.
I am still productive in what I do
I am trying my best not to be a burden to the people who cares for me too
God is always available whenever I needed someone to talk too
I never blamed Him for the presence of the disorder that give my sanity a blow.
I am never ashamed of my condition
I am not a threat to anyone
I just wanted to live a peaceful life
Like a normal individual.
The people who were very supportive from the very start
I do appreciate them and cherish them inside my heart
Because of them I did survive
The ordeal that is frightening and hard to understand.
The future is promising
Somebody is still believing in me 
I believe that I can
And it will materialize in due time.

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