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9:08 AM
How can one show respect
If you people are a pain in the neck
Fond of meddling in the life of others
Could not find solace in silence.
Old grouchy dogs
Barking like there’s no tomorrow
Drowned in their own sorrow
Pulling others into their shallow souls.
Poor aged beings
Instead of being a source of wisdom
You became an irritant to the ears
Of the people who’s trying to live a quiet life.
It would be better
If you make use of your little time left
To be a source of inspiration
To the younger generation.
Buzzing like a bee
Whenever you all see somebody
Did it not come to your minds
That you are posing problems in the neighborhood shamelessly.
It is better to be someone who lives in tranquility
Than being a a meddler who loves to gossip and stab others at the back everyday
Old people needs to have a meaningful life
Not to bring hell and shame to the people in the land.


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