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9:47 AM
Thankful for this rare blessing 
Which make me feel favored most of the time
I always make sure that I am at peace with myself
In order to experience this extraordinary stillness.
 My life is not perfect just like the others
But I have chosen to be happy instead 
Some were trying to mess things up
I feel sorry for them for I have mastered the art of ignoring the negative stuff.
I am not fond of entertaining  the absurd behaviors of some people that surround
Time is precious and should not be spent on senseless things
Sometimes envy is a big factor why they act dumb
All I have to do is keep understanding their qualms.
I may not be rich and not holding the highest position in an institution
But I am blessed to be given such an opportunity to stay at home for quite sometime
I’ve seen our only daughter grow and it is priceless
I have also learned to take good care of my inner peace.
Despite the hustle and bustle of life
I never fret
I always make sure that I have the needed calmness
Inside my heart.

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