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10:42 PM
My life is not perfect
It is full of twists and turns
Excruciating pain did bruise my heart
And calmness in my brain is drained
Hopelessness once visited me
It enveloped my existence and it felt like a tragedy
Mean people did try to mess with my sanity
Trying to entomb me in the pit of melancholy
All of the negativity that occurred in my life
I see it as a blessing in disguise
I have learned to silently survive
In this chaotic world i see paradise
I am at peace with who and what i am
Shaken i am not with the slap of other people’s tongue
Ignoring the beasts that love to play with emotions
Standing tall in accepting God’s favor
In my weakness you did give me strength
Held my hand until i’m safe and sound
God you lifted me up when no one is around
And planted my feet firmly on the ground
Blessings do flow freely from above
Thank you Lord for the gift of love
Family and friends do help me realize
That in this world your guiding light is bright
I entrust to you my everything
The plans and the desires that i am in
The gift of acceptance in me is reigning
Purpose in life needs a deep understanding

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