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Over the years a lot of species have been dead

It breaks my heart to know

That the next generation

Will have nothing to see and experience.


The children will only see the fauna in pictures

It is so cruel of us to deprive them

Of the beauty of nature

That we’ve enjoyed when we were still immature.


How would you feel if your child could not understand the beauty of life

Will it crush your heart 

Bleeding as if there is no hope left hanging

In order for them to experience gladness.


I have seen that some people in the field of science

Were preserving the sounds of the animals

Because a lot had already gone resting

And that we could do nothing.


Some projects the images of this living creatures going extinct

Some may not understand them

The driving force inside their hearts

Is the next generation like our children who’ll be naive if all will be lost.


Why do we people distract the environment that is meant for them

Because of greed and power we never allowed them to thrive even further

They fall from the heaven’s robbed of life

Some were hunted by men without any conscience.


How can we prevent the extinction of these different species

We must take a stand to conserve and preserve

Conserve energy and Preserve what is left

Especially the living ones that’s been suffocating to survive.


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