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The earth is having a hard time breathing

Due to the congestion of the human population

We destructed the environment

By throwing a lot of trash especially in rivers.


The ozone layer now has a hole

Due to the burning of plastics and all

How can we heal the mother earth

We need to start moving before it’s to late.


Volcanoes erupting because she needs to decongest

If not for us the earth will be shattered

She did warned us not to exploit what is left

For we will suffer from the catastophe here on earth.


Ice caps were melting

New strains of microorganisms were thriving

Superbugs now exist

Antibiotics we don’t have.


The sea level is increasing

Temperature of the earth is rising

How can all living things survive

If we always pretend to be blind.


You and me has a responsibility

To preserve the life of the earth with harmony

We need to help each other regain the universe’s beauty

By planting some trees and cleaning the bodies of water that is mirky.


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