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How come that i am hearing your voice

10 years ago

I was out of my mind at that time

I am having a hard time letting go.


After one and a half decade

Your voice is back inside my head

You’re always talking to me

But the real you i could not see.


Why am i feeling this way

There’s an imaginary bond between us

That is hard to decipher

Curiosity in me tend to easily bother.


It is hard to fall in love to someone

That you don’t have

Not even talked to

Gazing upon you is the only thing that i do.


The faint smile on your lips

Is what i do remember

The clearness of your voice

Tend to make me suffer.


We already have a family of our own

Why is it that you did make yourself known

I can’t imagine myself living all alone

Without you by my side i easily became withdrawn.


The songs that you sing

Seem to soothe my being

Your voice has a magical power

That tend to call my tears to fall.


You tend to arouse this sleeping feeling inside of me

I could not imagine that it is you that i see

After several years

Is it a call of destiny.


Why is fate playing around

My heart skipped a beat

When your voice

I did found.


You do shower me with love

I could feel the sincerest hug

But you’re out of my sight

How come that reality bites.


This demon inside of me

I could not control

He is the one controlling me

It is hard to endure.


I am so heartbroken

To realize some things

Why is this feeling

Not fleeting.


God please help me

Understand the situation

The voice is still within

I don’t know where to begin.




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