Posted in Life, New, Poetry


When someone hates you

And do Voo Doo

These lowly people

Have bloated egos.


Envy does live

In their hearts

They are doing

The dark arts.


They’ve claimed to be

Learned people

But the truth is

They are fond of doing betrayal.


Proud of their wrongdoings

By putting people into shame

Feeling that they are superior

The reality is they are detestable.


How can you respect these men

If they themselves are a sham

Accusing me of being a fraud

Barking like a foolish dog.


Proud of doing lots of harm

Showing off their abominable charm

Acting like they are gods

The truth is their soul is with the evils hand.


I was never shaken 

Despite their so-called dominion

God is always at my side

I am not afraid i will survive.



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