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Green-eyed people

Trying to control

Grungy community

Trying to pull one down.


Got no respect

For this pretentious witches

Always bragging

About the pain that they inflict.


I mind my own business

Living a peaceful life

When they tried

To destroy my life.


Started to hear

Their voices again

When i started working

In an institution.


The women always

Lead me to confusion

Making sure that my job

Will go into destruction.


Sleep is scarce

Because of them

Talking incessantly

Of nonsense things.


Lost my job

Affecting the future of my child

Plans interrupted

Because of their beleaguerment.


They made me sick

Before attending a worship service

My ears got inflamed

The next day it’s healed.


I thank God

For not leaving my side

And the supportive people

That surround.



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