Posted in Life, New, Poetry


Comparing oneself with anyone 

Is like hitting your head with a bat

Before you open your mouth

Make sure that you are capable enough.


My silence doesn’t mean

That i like what you’re doing

It is just that

I am not fond of your thing.


Look at yourself in the mirror

Know who you are

Don’t pretend that you are clean

For i know that skeleton in your closet hidden.


Make some noise

I will slay you with my words

I don’t fake out things

Like you do as always.


If you don’t acknowledge my existence

We are better off without your presence

Make sure that you know what you are talking about

Because i am somebody who will not allow your bloated ego to float.


What you see is the real me

If you can’t handle the truth better stay away

We don’t compete with anyone except with ourselves

You are a hypocrite better assess yourself.


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