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Being thrown into something we do not want need not put us into stagnation for life still has a lot to offer and all we need is to choose and move on.

In this world where stigma is debilitating to some we need to realize that we are here to live a meaningful life just like the others who branded themselves as the normal people. We have the right to be treated well and not belittled in the community where we belong and if this is not achievable then better change your attitude towards the situation. Be positive in everything that you do. Find meaning in your existence by appreciating the little things in life that God had showed you. The people who understand and support you on your endeavor thank them for they are the one’s who will help you along the way towards your goal.

Never allow the negativity of the world destroy the peace inside of you because you are the one who is in control of your own persona. Sometimes people are cruel but never allow their barbarism destroy your future for as long as you are alive their is hope. Lay your cards on the table together with the people who are supportive of you and continue pursuing the dream that you have been preparing for so long. Why not hit two birds with one stone if possible you know what you are capable of doing and with the help of the right people you will be on the right track the soonest possible.

If you think that life is unfair at times don’t dwell on it life is a lot better if you focus on the thousands of possibilities that is still there waiting for you to be unleashed. Always believe that God has a plan for you and His plan is much better than ours. It may be hard to understand at times but as His plan unfolds everything will be crystal clear right before your eyes. If i were you i will keep on holding on to Him and trust where He leads you for there you will prosper.


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