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You are unique in your own way

Made by God differently

Whatever it is that you’re going through

Is God’s way of reminding you


Life is never unfair

Perspective is all that matters

For all the bitter and sweet experiences

Lessons in life could be distinguished


It is not your fault that your psyche’s amiss

Blame it to your brains chemicals

It tend to have an imbalance

Which disrupt your minds compliance


Be thankful that you are functional

Still living in this then and now

Still in the sense of reality

While others already cannot see


You are brave enough to face the trials of life

The stigma that is painful yet you have chosen to thrive

Sometimes you’re a bit shaken

But the heart never gives up


You can still be a functional part of our society

Do try your best and destiny will set you free

It may be hard at times

But please continue the  rugged journey


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