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Being someone with a mental disorder

Doesn’t mean that my life has no meaning

I have learned to appreciate life more

With the help of these open-minded people


My brain had already been stabilized

By the drug that balances the chemicals

It feels good to breathe again

Not hearing the voices that’s a bit disturbing


I am willing to go mainstream

Be in a working environment

Promised myself not to miss a single medicine

So that the “normal” me will not go insane


My body may be misshapen

Because of the side effect of the pill that i am taking

I will never pressure myself to be skinny

Because it would only disrupt my sensitive mentality


My situation did make me stronger

People who understand did make me feel better

Thank you God for the favor

For the provision and for helping me recover


2 thoughts on “ASHAMED NOT

  1. I too am trying to accept this..that my medication has changed my body, that I no longer hear voices, that I can have a life despite this. But you’re right, having other people who get it and understand me has made life so much better!

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