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I thought that life to me has been unfair

Shattered all my dreams been in despair

Meaninglessness did creep in from the abyss

Insanity have had chosen to live with me in paralysis


After a lot of self assessments

I did realize that i am that blessed

For the functionality that i have

Hope still lingers in my chest


Inspirational persons with disabilities

I admire them

They have given me the courage

To face the challenges that is ahead waiting


They were angels in disguise

Their lives have had encouraged me

To appreciate the big and small things

That were there to help me survive in this treacherous world


This flickering light inside my heart

Is telling me that one day

I will become the somebody

Whom i wanted to be


Disability is not a hindrance not to see

The beauty of our existence away from melancholy

I hope that someday people would see disability

As a gift not a curse and be given a decent place in our society


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