Posted in Life, New, Poetry, Schizophrenia


Vision did unfold

Felt suffocated

Tragic death

Mind unrest


The sun did set

Criteria not met?

Domino effect

Time checked


I was convinced

A long time ago

That what i’ve heard and seen

Can’t be explained by science in reality


I am not alone

Have known a lot

Who’s kind of eccentric

In real life


Time to review

The details in the menu

Need to decipher

Where it is going to


I did talk to some

Who did believe

In the story

That i tell


Relayed some messages

To some people close to me

From what the voices

Had told me


I was hesitant at first

Because i was labelled


By the society


Thankful to God

That i still survive

Still living in

With the crowd


Life is challenging

But i still continue dreaming

The warnings that i’ve heard and seen

Seem to help me in the morning


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