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It’s been 15 years since i first saw you

I started hearing your voice 12 years ago

I could not understand this special feelings that i am into

I am not comfortable whenever i am near you


I got drunk during our acquaintance party

Could not understand the emotions that is draining my sanity

I drowned myself to the pool of alcohol

To pacify my emotions that is turning into a whirlpool


I died the second time when the news broke out

That you’ve been hooking with this classmate of ours

I did build a wall to preserve myself

From the boiling emotions that is hard to decipher


Christmas season had arrived and we were separated by time

Destiny may be making a fool out of me the whole time

I saw you again flirting with another gal

So i resort to alcohol to cut the thread  that connects us to the outside world


I’ve come to a conclusion that this filthy rich men

Always fuck the ladies to feed their hungry mind

I hated this feeling of restlessness

Afraid to suffer the fate of being used


Being separated by a wall did help me

Forget my emotions despite the melancholy

I just stared at you whenever you’re near me

Could not understand the strong pull of gravity


We were preparing for the nursing board exams

We were always looking at each other bashfully

Yours and my eyes meet finally

Your devilish smile showed up at the end of the day


What have you done to me

Why am i going crazy whenever your  voice tinkers me

I could not understand the truth of the matter

Because you were always in somebody’s shelter


I started hearing the voices again when i started working

In the hospital where i wanted to be a blessing

My life have had  crumbled after a disastrous ending

Functionality was gone, i was stunned by a demon


Always looking at the skies, seeing those falling stars

Making a wish is the last thing on my mind

I’ve already forgotten that lovely feeling

I  am already numbed from the beginning



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