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Hi how is heaven from afar

Your voice is so near

Yet your presence

Is so far


Thanks for resurrecting

This dead heart of mine

For I’ve been numbed

For quite awhile


It is hard

To understand

How our lovestory was written

In the stars


Physically i could not see

The you that i fancy

I hate to think

That all of these is far from reality


Hallucinations and delusions

Did surface from the sea

I thought that it would swallow me whole

From the edge of reality


A tinge of hope

Did help me cope

Despite the agony

Of being a loney


Beforehand i already knew

That Voo Doo does exist

It is just that i do not want

To meddle with the test


The people that were close to me

Did always understand

The feelings that i have for him

And the illusions that surround



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