Posted in Love, New, Poetry, Schizophrenia


A turbulent marriage

Spiteful words

Pain in the neck

I grew old


17 years

Is over now

Love of my life

I’ll see you somehow


Your voice

Did help me cope

In this

Grueling situation


Those who were with you

My respect to them it belong

It was like a dream come true

Releasing me from the curse that i was thrown into


My bags are now packed

For another journey

Hoping that this feeling

Will not be fleeting


Will you be there for me

In reality

Not in the space that you’ve occupied

For years  just to be with me


I thought that i was never

This attractive to you

During those nursing days

My heart was always broken in two


Leaving this so-called hell on earth

Is a blessing

With you talking inside my head

Was just a beginning


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