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Before you talk

Do your research

Are you a doctor

Or just a brat in our society


How come that physique

Is your definition of beauty

What if they have problems

In the genetic composition of their body


Is it their fault

That at your eye level

They were ugly

And that caring for themselves was not their priority


I am one of those fat bitches

That you’ve hated to be in this society

Are the so-called fit ones only

Have the right to belong in this judgmental country


What if i am taking the blue pill

That distort my physical beauty

Will it help me to have confidence

If you do the shaming thing to everyone that you see


I hope that before you speak your mind

Make sure that you see the source of the melancholy inside

It is hard for us to cope if somebody like you exist in this world

Someone who does not understand what he is talking about


Why not push us to become somebody you wanted us to be

Pointing to us the health benefits of fitness and what it does to our body

I do hope that you will experience the sad truth of what you did

By experiencing the same fate so that you will understand what you’ve said and the pain that you’ve inflicted


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