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2:04 PM


My life was never perfect 

But I feel happy

Despite the tragic moments

I am still piling up the memories


I am fat and that’s the truth

but I don’t think of it as an excuse not to wear beautiful clothes

As long as it looks decent and fits me well

I will not stop wearing them for all that I care


 Same color of shoes and bag

I love to wear

It’s my sense of style

I do feel good about the matching flare


 I am not fond of comparing

Myself with anyone

As long as I am happy

I don’t care what the haters will say against me


Putting colors on my face 

Is my form of therapy

It makes me look good

And I love its effect on me


I can proudly say 

That I was brought up without a sense of insecurity

I love me and I don’t need the approval of anybody

In order for me to feel good in front of everybody




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