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The first time i saw you i think i’m gonna like you
The sparks in your eyes gives your face a momentary glow
Your refined movements and features gives out the best in you
And the smile on your face melt my heart as i stare at you.
I can’t explain what i am feeling towards him
Falling to someone that i don’t even know his name
There’s something in him that entrapped my being
And only God knows what’s the explanation for this unfathomable thing.
I may never see you for a long period of time
But why is it that a certain feeling for you seems to survive
What have you done to me, sweet and gentle lad
That i’m starting to fall inlove with you and i’m glad.
I know that i love you but i don’t have the courage to let you know
I’m afraid that my heart will be broken again in two
I do believe that someday God would let me know
That loving you is good enough to let me know that i need you.
We may not be talking to each other but i’m sure of this feeling that i bear
A stare from your eyes triggers the fondness of mine to you my dear
I am hoping and praying that someday we’ll cross our ways
And let each other feel the love in our own special ways.
Whenever i see you my heart beats faster in the meadow
Sudden gush of blood spurts onto my face that i may never know
I feel like floating in the air with you as my pillow
And the colors around me were all pink meaning i’m in love with you.