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This feeling seems to bother my mind
I am really disturbed and could never understand
why this feeling came when i’m somewhat moody
And this tend to scramble my mind all day.
I’m trying my best not to be overpowered by this
But i could never control and help myself
Somebody please hold my fist
Because i’m starting to shiver and the temper i could never resist.
Why is it that i’m feeling this way
I really don’t know what to say
It gives me the feeling of insecurity
Even just a conversation on the phone where i couldn’t see somebody.
Sometimes i hide the heartaches all by myself
Trying to pretend that i’m fine and confident
But deep inside me my heart started to melt
And it exudes blood which flowed as my tears.
God please help me get through with this
To you my Lord i will confess
That sometimes i may be selfish 
Because of my enduring understanding and patience.
I don’t want to hurt somebody’s feelings
It’s better for me to take the risk of being hurting
Than seeing somebody harmed because of this nonsense jealousy thing
And start a new life with a smile even when there’s a lot of suffering.