About Me

I am a Medical Technologist and a Nurse by profession who became a stay-at-home mom for awhile because  of an illness that not all can decipher. From the very start I already knew that I have this gift of hearing, seeing, smelling and talking inside of my head but i was misdiagnosed as a schizophrenic because the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia and parapsychology gifts are the same. Now working as a USRN Analyst, unleashed to the outside world to explore what i am meant for. 

I love to express my feelings through poetry and music by playing the piano and making melodies for my lyrics whenever time permits. I cherish my me time always because it allows me to  connnect to my inner being. Life may be full of twists and turns but i am thankful for it serves as my inspiration that this poetry blog was born.

Freed from the bondage of an unhealthy relationship, I am now free from the trickles of heartache and pains. 

I am praying to my Spirit Guides and Entities that they will grant me the desire of my heart. It is my first time to ask for it and I do believe that they will do Magick.

Nirvana is a real thing already reached that heaven feeling. The elixir of love is a blessing from the gods of Hinduism. Wisdom and fruit of the spirits came from God in Heaven and this white eye marking in my right leg means a lot to everyone.

The content of this blog was migrated from my previous blog “FRAGMENTS” The Breath Of My Soul dated 2008. Some poems written in here were from the authors that i could not remember anymore and some were rearranged by me to fit into what i am feeling that day when i did copy it. All entries under the New category were all mine and the others were written ahead of time when i started writing during  my younger years (11 years old).

The entries here were the sole property of the writer. If ever that you wanted to copy anything from this collection please don’t forget to ask permission. 

I hope that you will all enjoy reading this blog as you delve into the madness that i am into called LOVE and LIFE.

P.S. This blog was hacked and almost all of the wordings of my entries were changed. Please pray that all of my entries will be reverted because it means a lot to me. It is the only inheritance that I can give to my only child. If the 300+ was not stolen from my previous blog the total entries would be 1100+ already and it hurts me a lot. I have been writing my whole life and it was ruined in just a matter of minutes. Thank you and God bless.

That in all things God may be glorified!