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The journey started before the nursing boards

When both of us were always staring at each other with feelings on hold

Our eyes were always locked souls intertwined

But there is always an invisible wall build in between us


Board exam is near and you’re nowhere to be found

Some elementals in the dorm did play around

I can sense that I have a companion in the room

Somebody did saw it and she screamed at the top of her lungs


I always meditate lying on the floor

Incense burned with music to transport me to another dimension

Orbs were there seen in the pictures

Mirrors in the corridors to repel the dark creatures


When the exam is already near

My eardrum was perforated and balance disappeared

It was so painful that I did cry

I thought that the board exam I could not give a try


I did talk to mom and told her what had happened

I will forego the exam to be with the other section

She did say that I don’t need my ears

I will still pass despite my fears


I haven’t seen you

After that day

I’ve been looking for you

I don’t know what to say


After the foreign nursing examinations

I did attend the prayer and fasting in CCF St. Francis

I started hearing a lot of voices

And my mind has started to be in trance


Life is never the same again

Parapsychology thing have had awakened

It all started when I was still a kid

A lot of enigmatic things had already happened


When I am already out of my mind

I was brought to one of my friends house

I really could not understand

What is happening all around


When I was washing my clothes

I suddenly heard the voice of a guy

It was you calling my name four times

I still could not understand why


As I delve for a lot of information

I did understand things

The owner of the voice is into me

Based on the field of Parapsychology


The other section guys I did see

I don’t know what is the problem with me

I was brought somewhere where the blue birds fly

I was not entertained but a nun did try


As we go back to where we’ve started

I can see a lot of black cars

Am I having hallucinations

I don’t want to dwell on it so that I can survive including the delusions


We did followed a trail passing BGC

I did see buildings popping like mushrooms in harmony

Is it really coming to reality

I was shocked that it did now I see


I was brought home in the province after the incident

Wiccan thing or Voo Doo was dealt with by a Shaman

My gift of hearing or auditory hallucinations

Had started to improve before I did realize


Before I arrive in the province

Somebody told me that she had seen me ahead

Oh the spirit may have liked me instead

She did mimic my physical features in the real world


They did smudge me with herbs

Smoke seem to cure me and hearing gets amplified

Family is there praying for me all the time

When the big bird came to visit one night he did die


The Shaman did bind me using a black thread

Huge black candles were used in her rituals

She did tell me that you have to help me heal you

I did say to her okay I will do so


Back to the city where I belong

Something had happened to me as I go along

Life is not easy for quite awhile

Learned to adapt to the game of life


I was in shock when he visited me again

I did heard his voice and he is telling me something

It is all about the supernatural thing

The Horned God is there and the voices were asking me if I can be a medium


He is talking about the spiritual realm and physical world

That maybe we could not be together anymore because I am already married

I did say that I can’t live without him instead

And that I wanted to be the lone girl in his life


I did start to wean myself

From the blue pill that killed my spirit

I wanted to know how it felt to have a relapse

I’ve waited for it and I did survive


I already knew that I am no schizophrenic

Because I did deciphered what it is

Even the diseases that I have suffered

Were all manipulations I am sure of it


With the use of laboratory results and special tests

I did see that the signs and symptoms were out of place

The manifestations of the disease were all there

But I find it funny because it is not consistent with the physical world


Psychiatry, Parapsychology, Laboratory Medicine and Nursing need to intertwined

In order for someone to understand the spiritual world

A lot of cases were misdiagnosed

Because they lack the knowledge to understand those


Two years ago I was trying to have myself confined

In the psychiatry ward of a prestigious institution

It is just that I could not decide

Because I could not see there the love of my life


After the said incident

I have decided to work in a Christian Institution

I was again attacked by the Demon

Life is not better again this time


One day on my way to the said hospital

I did saw a ripple of light

It was like a warning unfolding before my eyes

Flood is coming again in the riverbed


I did saw two women with black eyes

A bad omen in the jeepney towards my workplace

When I am travelling towards home

A branch of tree did flew from the depths of helm


After the said incident

I told a friend about the black-eyed women that I have seen

He did say that someone was possessed

Somewhere around the vicinity


There is already a lot of possessions happening

That said denomination could not handle the said thing

I was wondering why is it all of them

Not the other denominations


I was illegally detained in a prestigious institution

For almost a month I have remained sane

A lot of things have had happened there

Including the metaphysical world


My ex-husband and I were now separated

I am now leaving the house to start a new life

I always hold on to the flickering feelings deep inside

And the guidance of the entire universe