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In the crystal cove in the middle of a virgin forest a lot of entities live together in harmony. There are three inseparable goddesses who belong to a certain coven with divergent gifts. One of the goddess is unaware that she possesses something that the evil sorcerer badly wanted. He had casted evil spells to everyone that block his way. He is a hideous creature planning to destroy the crystal cove in order to capture the goddess. One night when the moon is full and everyone is sleeping soundly one of the goddess had a dream seeing some covens being destructed by the power of the evil sorcerer. She had seen covens gathering in the basement of a big famous bookstore, a lone building in the middle of nowhere and a lot more scattered like needles and pins around the globe. It’s as if she’s part of every group that she’d seen, gliding smoothly around the ritual circle of the other deities. The evil sorcerer wandered filling the air with deadly mist and those who inhaled it suddenly turned into ashes. The tragic scene awakened the goddess gasping. She immediately go to the two other goddesses and told them what she had seen. They’ve decided to look for the oracle to decode the message behind that phantasm. After days of searching finally they get to see the oracle. She told them that the beast wanted to take one of the members of the triad which is them in order to be the most powerful sorcerer. They need to protect each other and they were given the task to seek help from all the other deities to protect every entity existing. The oracle addressed all of their concerns and help them prepare for the upcoming battle.
The three returned to the crystal cove and finally come up with a plan. They informed the leaders of each coven about the situation and what the oracle had said. The heads communicated via mental telepathy, astral travels and all means of contact. The tension is already building up yet the three remained calm. They exercised their chakras while remaining grounded in order to be receptive to all the forces of nature and seek for the guidance of the shaman for the best protection that they will be using. The evil one is already getting his army ready and the leaders have already decided what to do. They started forming a lotus-shaped bluish white light around each entity in order for the power of the villain not to harm them. As the protection started encasing everyone except the allies of the evil sorcerer one of the goddess notice that her form is changing and that she is glowing like the ones enclosing the entities around her except that the source of light is from within her and she’s the only one thriving without that barrier. To everyone’s surprise she turned out to be the enchantress that even she herself didn’t know that’s why the warlock is trying to capture her in either way. As the evil sorcerer approaches with his army behind him the enchantress stand infront of the portal of crystal cove. With a blink of an eye she emitted the most blinding light that everyone had ever seen. The diabolical creatures tried to hide from it but it’s too late they all melted like an ingredient of a potion in a cauldron and the evil one had been robbed of his essence. He gradually turned brittle and was thrown into the unfathomable pit of death.

Peace had again blossomed in crystal cove and the barrier continued to protect the entities. Descendants of the evil sorcerer may try to inflict harm yet none of the population will ever be alarmed for the enchantress is there living inside their hearts.