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There’s a constant contradiction between what feels good and what feels right and you live with the decisions that you make in your life.

In a persons life there would come a time that crucial decisions are needed to be made may it be beneficial or not to the one making it. How an ordinary person react to a certain situation varies and this is where the crossroad exist. A lot of times in my lifetime did i find myself loitering in the exigency of my existence. Will others react the way that i do or in a much subtle or destructive manner? If only people would examine their lives before pointing their fingers to anyone this world would be a better place to live in. I have this “near perfect” relationship if not for the people around trying to bust it up and to think that they’re part of the inner circle it’s irritatingly bothersome. Someone acted as if he’s owned the world bragging and comparing himself to anyone and he has this habit of making harsh comments whenever he’s around. Is this an attitude of a typical guy? I guess not he’s hiding a skeleton in his closet i’ve sensed it the first time i met him. I don’t understand why he’s acting so stupid whenever were around i’m not doing anything to him! Until one day when he had gone overboard the silence that was bound for so long had been broken and confrontation did happen. I’m just a silent figure roaming around trying to live my life without bothering anyone but if people tries to stomp on me or my family i can really drag them down literally and i don’t talk much yet i hit like a man. I keep mum for a certain period of time taking all the lashes of their tongue out of respect but everything that has a beginning has an end. It’s funny though because he had experienced the first smash of his life from his own brother and i’m sure he will never forget that. That’s what he gets for messing up with me. It became a big issue and to think that he started everything out and i was the one labelled as bad because of his fabrications. Everyone seems to believe the lies that he’d spread. It’s okay i do believe in karma that what comes around goes around and it did. I’m not the type of person who gets even who would want to be treated harshly? In fact if i wanted to i could file a case against him but my partner said to leave the issue alone it’s a product of envy and insecurity. It’s true you could seldom hear something pleasant from them. All is with a blend of bitterness as if nothing good had happened in their lives. A turning point had occurred in my life wherein i have to decide whether to stay again in the relationship and shut myself off from the maltreatment and pressures from the outside world or look for some desperate measures to stay away from the people bugging me together with the love of my life. This happened to be the most crucial stage of our relationship together i drifted apart hurt but trying to resolve my pride because i did love this person much more than i love myself. I thought that at last freedom is mine from the mockery but i was wrong bitchy attitudes had gone out of control yakking like there was no tomorrow. Prejudice is prevalent. Is my decision right? My soul is fleeting and my heart is bleeding i tried to divert my attention to another person due to rebellion. Maybe they’ll be happy since i’m already out of their way. I’ve been drowned by the river of my tears and loneliness. Hopes and dreams vanished like a smoke puffed into the air. I keep on asking myself if its worth it to give up what we had in exchange of the freedom from the blatant axe. Confusion seems to trouble my mind so i did seek help from the person whom i could gain some insights and point out to me what’s reality. Help from friends overflowed together with their family and my distressed mate whose been there all the time. I know that what i did was wrong. I’ve made the wrong choice “if we would not fight for our love we will regret this for the rest of our lives.”

I’ve made my decision i have to face the erratic nature of the people around us. I need not please everyone what’s important is for our love to survive despite the interferences from the inner circle of our lives. They’re entitled to their own opinion what matters most is we know ourselves better than them. At the present time were already married and have our little bundle of joy. She had taken all our attention that we seldom notice their abomination. Blessings seems to be overflowing and God is really good. Starting a family is not that easy yet He provided much for the 3 of us. All is there in perfect sync and i need not say more. I just bring back the glory and honor to HIM. Life may bring enormous waves yet i believe that we could stay afloat as long as He is with us.

Love is really a powerful thing it’s possible to build your own world and live a life that you both wanted. It is a must to think of the consequences a thousand times before losing your grip to a certain verdict.