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The world is chaotic for several centuries now

Power struggle is there because of greed in the hearts of the leaders

What do we get if we keep on killing each other

Lots of death and sufferings of the ordinary people


Why not talk about the problems of the world in a diplomatic manner

Lay each others card on the table so that everything will be solved and the world will be better

Don’t take each other down because one country has a lot of resourcesĀ  than the other

Why not share each others blessings so that everyone will prosper


As I have seen the war that is happeningĀ  around the world

I am grief-stricken to see the blood shed of the innocent lives in the entire universe

The hostility in the middle east is so intense

Because of the oil reserves that needs to be monopolized


The hearts of the leaders must be conscientious enough

So that their decision making will keep the balance

Black or white never gray

So that everything will be okay