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You’re the person that i never thought i’d fall in love with
Someone whom i’ve never seen and i’ve been committed
Someone who had stolen my heart which is frigid
And someone who’d given me hope to face life which is sacred.
You’ve opened my eyes to the challenges in life
You’ve done a lot for me that made me realize
Life is worth living with you by my side
I know that you’ll be there for me to help me survive.
You became my inspiration in all the things that i do
I became strong because of you
I don’t know what my life would be without you
Coz’ my life depends on you.
You’re a nice and sweet person who loves me so
Someone who’s always there when i feel blue
You’ve given me the reason to fall in love with you
That’s why we’re together again and sharing the love that God had bestowed.
You’ve filled in the emptiness that i have within
I don’t know what’s in you my man
All i know is i love you with all my heart
And I can’t live without you by my side.